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Take your dog home on the weekends

Our board-and-train programs are unique because  you take your dog home on the weekends!  You’ll drop your dog off to school on Mondays, then we work with you and your dog on Fridays to review what they’ve learned that week. Over the weekend, you’ll have the chance to work with your dog in the comfort of your home, reinforcing what our Professors have taught them at school.

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Continuous Support After The Program Is Over

We’ll set you up for success during the initial training period with weekly one-on-one lessons, and afterwards with free group classes to tune up your dog’s behavior. Contact us to learn more.


In this two-week program, your dog will learn commands such as “watch me", "sit", "down", and come when called. They will also learn how to recognize their own name, basic manners, and will be introduced to heeling with a lure.


In this four-week Bachelor program, your dog will learn hand signals for "come", "heel", "sit", "stay", and "down", and will automatically sit while heeling. They will also learn manners such as "out", "leave it", and how to politely greet people.


This six-week program is reserved for more advanced off-leash behaviours, including "sit", "down", "place", "come", and "heel". We also strongly recommend this program for dogs with behavioral issues such as separation anxiety, dog reactivity, etc.


What does a typical day look like for my dog?

7AM: All students go out to stretch their legs for a potty run, and start the day with a nutritious breakfast, then one more potty run.


Once their breakfast has settled, Guidance Counselors will bring them out for 2-3 training sessions in the morning, and 2-3 sessions in the afternoon. Each session also includes a walk or play session.

After the training sessions are over for the day, they’ll get dinner at 5PM, one more potty run, then lights out at 9-9:30 PM.

Our Philosophy

Our focus-based formula is all about building strong connections with your pet. When your dog is focused on you, they’re more engaged and eager to follow directions! Don’t feel like you need to handle training all on your own. Our goal is to improve the partnership between you, your best buddy, and those around you.

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Our fully-equipped Boarding School will teach your dog
how to deal with aggression and behavior issues in a fun learning environment!

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