Focus-Based Dog Training in Michigan

At Dogology University, we have the experience to tackle a variety of canine challenges, and the ability to give you the tools to communicate effectively with your furry family member.

Dog Training In Michigan

Are you looking for dog training? Do you want a better relationship with your dog? Did you just get a new puppy or rescue dog from the shelter, and you want to enroll them in training classes?

Hello, I’m Matthew Lamarand

I’ve spent the past 10 years learning a lot about canine psychology and dog training during my time as a military canine handler, and I’m still learning from each and every dog and owner that I work with. 

Whether you want your dog to sniff out IEDs, or come when called, I’ve learned that all behaviors start with the same thing: engagement and building a bond with your dog. If your dog is focused on you, they’ll do what you ask them to. 

 Here are a few issues that we’ve helped owners to solve:

  • Come reliably when called
  • Sit to greet guests at the door
  • Walk on a loose leash
  • Be calm when handled
  • Take food nicely from your hand
  • Sit and lie down from a distance
  • Be calm when playing with children
  • Follow commands when playing

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Dog Training Programs

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What our customers say

They are amazing people who know how to effectively train your dog to be a better part of the family. They also do a fantastic job at training the family how to control their dog and make the home environment more pleasant.

Jason Ley

“I’ve had an absolutely fantastic experience with Dogology University and trainer Matthew Lamarand working with my two puppies. On our first training day my dog was pulling at the leash and nearly yanking my arm out of its socket on walks. Less than two months later, we just went for a walk around the block off leash and my dog stuck right with us the whole time! I’m thrilled to throw my support behind Dogology University…my experience with Matthew has been nothing but positive.”

Amber Thomas


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Address common canine problem behaviors and improve your relationship with your dog


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