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The Dogology teaching method

 At Dogology, the key to transformation lies in our transparency. We involve you in every step of your dog’s training, and provide regular video report cards on their progress. 

We also offer free group classes after your initial training is completed, and ongoing support via our free Facebook group.

After you and your dog complete your schooling, you’ll have the tools to confidently handle any real-world situations that arise. 

Meet With Your Guidance Counselor

After your initial phone consultation with us, we’ll schedule an evaluation where we get to know you and your dog. We’ll discuss your training goals, and create a custom training plan to help you reach your goals.

Get Your Dog Ready For School

You’ll drop your pup off with us on Monday morning, where we’ll review the training plan for that week with you. Your dog will then spend the week in climate-controlled comfort, with potty breaks, walks, playtime, and training sessions throughout the day.

Pick Your Pup Up

At the end of the week, you and your dog will get a private lesson with a dedicated Professor. During that lesson, we’ll review your pup’s progress, work with you, and teach you how to continue making forward progress with your dog over the weekend so they retain their new training and obedience lessons.

After Graduation

Learning doesn’t stop after you’ve completed the program. We offer free alumni group classes so that you can continue to work on what your dog has learned at Dogology University!

Why Train With Dogology?

We do not use shock collars to train your dog.

Furthermore, our unique approach to canine and human education, coupled with transparency, and ongoing support put us at the leading edge of dog trainers in the greater Michigan area. 

Our professors here at Dogology University must complete 160 hours of structured lectures, 160 hours of supervised training sessions, and are required to pass an oral exam covering all training materials learned.

This is to ensure that your student gets the best education possible!

Dogology University
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Susan MoraySusan Moray
16:33 01 Sep 23
Our 2 Havanese graduated with honors!! They are lovely, well-behaved, well trained, and fun to be around! We LOVED Matt and Ashleena, and so do our dogsOur family members, our vet, our groomer, our friends, and other dogs love being around our animals as they're wonderful❤️They were trained KINDLY as well. Many people we know have used Dogology training, and they feel the same as we do! You, too, will feel the same way about these wonderful people and their professionalism!!
Sam TabbakhSam Tabbakh
01:15 13 Aug 23
I took my son's dog fir training when my son couldn't make it. It is a decent training program and very reasonably priced.
Glen SkinnerGlen Skinner
14:58 02 Jul 23
AJ KaiserauerAJ Kaiserauer
21:13 29 Jun 23
I’ve really enjoyed working with Dogology for our dog. We did the 4 week obedience school program where I do drop off and pickup each week day.Although it is expensive, the amount of resources, mentorship, and feedback you get is well worth it. We were emailed report cards with links to videos where we could watch what the trainers were doing with our dog. I really like referencing those videos now that the program is finished so that we can keep up with it and make sure we’re doing everything right.The program we did included 6 months of weekly group classes and email support for after the program as well to answer any questions we have as we continue training on our own.Highly recommend working with this company as there’s many programs they have for many different budgets.
David DurhamDavid Durham
09:34 31 May 23
Kristen PiduruKristen Piduru
00:05 01 Apr 23
My dog, Zeus, learned so much at Dogology. He went from a dog that was so terrible at walking that he put my fiancé in the hospital to a dog that loose leash walks! The staff at Dogology really care about the dogs and gave us very frequent updates on Zeus! And best part is Zeus loves it here! He can’t wait to come back every week!
Briahna KaiserBriahna Kaiser
05:54 18 Feb 23
We are so grateful for everyone here! I couldn’t walk almost at all the last year because of a major knee surgery and accident and our 120lb baby girl (Newfoundland mix) missed out on me continuing to train her and walking everyday like we had been doing before my injury. With my knee mostly healed I was struggling to handle her since training went to the wayside for so long. She did a 4 week program here and she has been doing AMAZING ever since she’s been home! I’m back to walking her every single day (when it isn’t icy lol) and she knows her “stay” commands and “leave it” which has been so helpful. Would recommend highly to anyone! Thank you to the entire team this has really helped our family!
Ashley BrantAshley Brant
00:48 14 Jan 23
We brought our reactive, stubborn beagle mix to help us overcome resource guarding. We cannot say enough good things about our overall experience. Alexis was a phenomenal professor and support throughout our 6 week program. We now have a manageable situation and our dog has a focus on us and does not resource guard!!!

Happy Dogs & Dog Parents

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DaVinci’s Story

When DaVinci first came to us, he was extremely dog aggressive. In fact, he attacked a dog statue at the vet’s office! During his evaluation, Matt had him at one end of a football field, with another dog at the other end of the field, 300 yards away! Despite his small stature, DaVinci was letting the other dog know in no uncertain terms what he thought about them!

By the end of his 6-week stay with us, DaVinci was participating in our group class with zero issues, and even passed his Canine Good Citizen test! Part of the test is greeting another dog; his response was to look away. In canine parlance, looking away and avoiding eye contact is a signal that says “I’m not a threat.”

DaVinci’s owners put a lot of work in, and it shows! Great job!

Nova’s Story

When this pretty girl first came to us, she was herding her owner, jumping on him, scratching, and nipping at his pants to get him to go where she wanted him to. In fact, she bit Ash on the hand the first day she was here! To say that she was a firecracker was an understatement! She was also starting to become dog reactive due to the fact that she was overstimulated, and didn’t have an outlet for all of her puppy energy. She knew “sit” and “down,” but would bounce right out of the position.

Within her first two weeks here, she was crate trained, beginning to focus on us, and was starting to hold “sit” and “down” for longer and longer durations. Nova is now more well-adjusted, and her owner has all of the tools he needs to help her succeed in life.