Focus-Based Dog Training In Michigan

At Dogology University, we have the experience to tackle a variety of canine challenges, and the ability to give you the tools to communicate effectively with your furry family member. We offer professional focused-based programs for dogs and their parents. Whether it’s something as simple as your dog not listening and being disobedient, or more complex challenges such as aggression issues, fear issues, or separation anxiety, we can help you overcome any behavioral issues with your dog.  

Dog Training Programs

Our focus-based (and non-ecollar) methods will help your canine become well behaved and obedient members of society.  Our Board & Train programs provide comprehensive “doggy bootcamp” solutions. Group classes are available to teach that old (or new) pup how to behave.

Board And Train Dog Training Programs For Plymouth, Canton, Northville, and Ann Arbor

When we train your dog, we involve you every step of the way. Every Friday during the program, we’ll meet with you to review what your dog has learned, and they’ll go home with you for the weekend! On Monday, you’ll drop your pup off for another week of fun learning!

With two, four, and six-week packages, we have a training program that will fit your needs. Learn more by clicking each icon below.

What’s Involved In The Board & Train Programs?

One of the problems with private dog training is that it can be very difficult to find a trainer who has the right skillset, experience and availability to work with you. The fact is that many pet owners simply don’t have enough time or knowledge to effectively train their own dogs. That’s where Dogology University comes in! Our board and train programs are designed to give you the best of both worlds in terms of training and convenience.

Our board and train program includes private lessons with one of our expert trainers, boarding services at our facilities, and the best part is that your dog goes home with you on the weekends! Choose from four or six-week programs for your adult dog, or two, four, or six-week programs for your puppy.


Group Dog Training Classes In Canton

Interested in a group class instead? We can accommodate you, provided that your dog passes our group class evaluation. We perform this to ensure that everyone and their pups are safe in a group class setting.


About Dogology University

Dogology University is a professional canine training service located in Canton, MI that specializes in focused-based techniques. We have a variety of established Board and Train programs as well as group dog training classes for puppies and adult dogs. Drawing on 10+ years of military working dog experience, we have the experience and knowledge to handle a variety of dog behavior issues such as separation anxiety, fearfulness, aggression and general disobedience.

Whether you want your dog to sniff out IEDs, or come when called, we’ve learned that all behaviors start with the same thing: engagement and building a bond with your dog. If your dog is focused on you, they’ll do what you ask them to. 

Here are a few issues that we’ve helped owners to solve:

  • Come reliably when called
  • Sit to greet guests at the door
  • Walk on a loose leash
  • Be calm when handled
  • Take food nicely from your hand
  • Sit and lie down from a distance
  • Be calm when playing with children
  • Follow commands when playing

If you’d like to learn more about our training methods, and to see how we can help you with your dog, click the button below to schedule an evaluation session.

Dogology University: Michigan’s only focus-based dog trainer


We are not a university that happens to train dogs, we are not dog trainers offering an elective class. We are Michigan’s only focus-based dog trainer university; our curriculum is built on decades of research and science, with a full understanding of how every part of your pet’s brain works.

Be involved with your dog’s training, and get professional guidance and results.

Dogology University is the premiere dog training facility of its kind in Canton, MI. We offer a wide range of services to help you train your beloved pet effectively and humanely. Whether you are interested in puppy training or simply want to learn how to better communicate with your existing canine companion, Dogology University has the solution for you!

Why Train With Dogology?

Many dog owners don’t consider training their dogs until it’s too late. A lack of proper socialization and training can cause a number of negative behaviors in your pooch that are difficult, if not impossible, to control later. That’s why it is best to start training as early as possible. At Dogology University, we offer a combination of dog training services that are designed to save you time while getting the best results. 

You might be unsure about how to get started with training your dog. Maybe your pup is extremely energetic, disobedient, or simply doesn’t listen when you speak. Regardless of why you need help in training your dog, it’s important to remember that all dogs and owners are different. That’s why we offer a variety of training options to ensure that you get the best possible results.

Dogology University is your ideal choice when it comes to board and train because we have over 10 years of experience in animal behavior and K9 handling. The Dogology University team includes experienced professionals who are highly trained in a variety of areas such as basic obedience, advanced obedience, separation anxiety, aggression issues, and more. 

What our customers say:

They are amazing people who know how to effectively train your dog to be a better part of the family. They also do a fantastic job at training the family how to control their dog and make the home environment more pleasant.

Jason Ley

Dogology has been amazing! This is the first time I have put a puppy in boarding school and Dogology has gone beyond my expectations. They have been extremely hands on with my pup but also providing feedback for myself as the handler. This has been a great experience from day one. Just in one week, my puppies behaviors have changed and much more disciplined. I can’t wait until the 4 week course is over because we have a different puppy when started. Great Job Dogology and look forward to the group classes in the future!

The Kapowski's

“I’ve had an absolutely fantastic experience with Dogology University and trainer Matthew Lamarand working with my two puppies. On our first training day my dog was pulling at the leash and nearly yanking my arm out of its socket on walks. Less than two months later, we just went for a walk around the block off leash and my dog stuck right with us the whole time! I’m thrilled to throw my support behind Dogology University…my experience with Matthew has been nothing but positive.”

Amber Thomas

Meet Lark & Hazel. These gorgeous girls came to us after going through another local trainer’s program. This trainer is very e-collar heavy, and has been known to place ecollars on puppies! This method created negative associations to people in Lark & Hazel’s minds, and to certain environments (such as those including other dogs). In fact, when Lark & Hazel first came to us, they were afraid of people and other dogs, and ran off one time when they were buzzed with the ecollar. They also chased squirrels, and bayed at them when they went up a tree!

Since their stay with us, we’ve been able to get them over their fear of other dogs, and eliminated their separation anxiety. They now leave squirrels alone, and their parents can take them biking on the trails without an ecollar!

Shadow had an outing to Lowe’s today 🐶 #DUAlumni #dogologyuniversity ...

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We took Goose on a walk today, his engagement was great! 🐶 #DUAlumni #dogologyuniversity ...

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Harry’s first week has been going great! Here learning so much while he’s here. 🐶 #DUAlumni #dogologyuniversity ...

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Murphy’s first day back and he hasn’t missed a beat! 🐶 #DUAlumni #dogologyuniversity ...

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Marlie & Murphy are back for boarding! It was so great to see these two dogs again! 🐶 #DUAlumni #dogologyuniversity ...

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Harry’s has been a blast to work with! In his first week here he’s been learning so much🐶 #DUAlumni #dogologyuniversity ...

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Whiskeys sit is so good. He’s been learning so much since he’s been here! 🐶 #DUAlumni #dogologyuniversity ...

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Hannah’s first week here! Her first week here has been a blast so far🐶 #DUAlumni #dogologyuniversity ...

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We took Glory to the park so that we can work on a hit of habituation with her 🐶 #DUAlumni #dogologyuniversity ...

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Remy’s training session!🐶 #DUAlumni #dogologyuniversity ...

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Remy’s outing to Lowe’s! He did so good! 🐶 #DUAlumni #dogologyuniversity ...

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Look at this face😍 It’s Harry’s first week here! We’re super excited to have him here 🐶 #DUAlumni #dogologyuniversity ...

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We just got a brand new batch of week 1 students! Here Goose🐶 #DUAlumni #dogologyuniversity ...

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We understand having a disobedient dog can be challenging. Allow us to help you. Click the link in our bio to speak with one of our guidance counselors. #DUAlumni #dogologyuniversity ...

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Benji did so good during his outing at Lowe’s 🐶 #DUAlumni #dogologyuniversity ...

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