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At Dogology University, we promise to transform your dog’s behavior by addressing communication breakdowns, obedience challenges, and impulse control concerns. Our holistic approach, guided by the innovative Focus Based training system, ensures a well-rounded and effective learning experience. We are committed to empowering involved families with the knowledge and skills needed to confidently navigate real-life situations, without resorting to shock collars. Join us in building a harmonious and lasting bond with your canine companion.

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Meet Lark & Hazel

These gorgeous girls came to us after going through another local trainer’s program. This trainer is very e-collar heavy, and has been known to place e-collars on puppies! This method created negative associations to people in Lark & Hazel’s minds, and to certain environments (such as those including other dogs). In fact, when Lark & Hazel first came to us, they were afraid of people and other dogs, and ran off one time when they were buzzed with the e-collar. They also chased squirrels, and bayed at them when they went up a tree!

Since their stay with us, we’ve been able to get them over their fear of other dogs, and eliminated their separation anxiety. They now leave squirrels alone, and their parents can take them biking on the trails without an e-collar!

Our Programs

Our Programs

Boarding School

At Dogology University’s Boarding School Program, we present an exclusive fusion of focus-based training and individualized care within a well-organized setting. Our seasoned trainers lead the program, customizing their approach to address the unique needs of each student, ensuring effective learning and behavior modification. Our campus is designed to offer a secure and nurturing space for our students, and we keep owners engaged through regular updates and weekly private lessons. What sets our program apart is actively involving parents through daily progress updates, weekly private lessons, and weekends at home for a gradual reintroduction, ensuring ongoing success and a smooth adjustment for students returning home. This comprehensive and family-oriented training program is the ideal choice for owners committed to fostering the well-being, harmony, and lasting bonds with their beloved canine companions.

Day School

Dogology University’s Day School Program is an innovative solution for busy pet owners seeking professional training for their dogs. This program combines the convenience of daytime training with the expertise of skilled trainers, focusing on essential obedience skills and socialization.

Dogs enjoy a day filled with structured activities, learning, and play, tailored to their individual needs and behavior goals. The program also includes owner education, ensuring seamless integration of training techniques at home.

With flexible scheduling and a commitment to positive reinforcement, Dogology University’s Day School Program is perfect for those looking to enhance their dog’s behavior and social skills in a supportive and engaging environment.

Group Class

Dogology University’s Group Classes offer a dynamic and interactive way for dogs and their owners to learn at a self paced rate. These classes focus on building essential obedience skills, socialization, and addressing common obedience challenges in a group setting. Led by experienced trainers, these sessions not only provide practical training techniques but also foster a community atmosphere where owners can share experiences and tips. The group format encourages dogs to learn in the presence of other canines, enhancing their social skills. Ideal for those seeking a collaborative and supportive training environment, Dogology University’s Group Classes are perfect for enhancing the bond between dogs and their owners while mastering key obedience skills.

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Introducing the Dogology Teaching Method

At Dogology University, we employ our distinctive 3-Point Dogology Teaching Method to guarantee not only effective learning but also enduring behavioral change. We focus on teaching the dogs, educating the parents, and providing ongoing support and aftercare beyond the initial training program, ensuring comprehensive support throughout your entire journey with us.

Teaching the Dog

At the heart of our methodology lies focus-based dog training. We adhere to a comprehensive approach encompassing clear communication, teaching for understanding, and refining through proofing for perfection. Our trainers specialize in capturing and maintaining your dog’s attention, fostering an environment where learning is not only effective but also enjoyable. This focus-driven training system establishes a profound connection between the dog and the family, resulting in more responsive and enthusiastic learning experiences.

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Educating the Family

Our main focus is helping families understand and be a part of the dog training process. When we first meet, we talk together about what the family wants their dog to learn. Every week, we share videos of the dog’s training, so everyone can see how it’s going. In our weekly meetings, we teach the family all about the training methods, show them what the dog has learned, and practice together to make sure everyone understands. This way, the whole family can have fun and succeed in learning with their dog!

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Ongoing Support

After your first training, you get special support to help you and your dog keep learning and doing well. You can use an online course for as long as your dog is around. There’s a weekly group class where families and dogs can join to keep getting help and support. Learning doesn’t stop after one time, so we make sure you can practice and get better. We promise to be here anytime you need help, even after your training. And if you’re busy or need extra support, we offer daycare and boarding services to keep up with your dog’s training. We’re here to make sure you and your whole family succeed!

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