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Board and train options to correct bad behaviors

Comprehensive Board & Train Programs

Every canine is unique and sometimes a “one size fits all” approach isn’t the best when it comes to training. Dogology University is one of only a handful of accredited board and train facilities in Michigan. Our hands on approach with both you and your pet will help to reinforce positive behaviors and lead to more successful results. Without the use of e-collars and over two, four, or six weeks, this unique dog bootcamp teaches even the most unruly canine how to behave and empowers you with practical training knowledge to build a more successful partnership with your pet.

Our board and train programs will turn your dog into a pawsome member of society, and will give you the knowledge and confidence to take on the world with your pup!

When you work with us, you don’t just drop your dog off with us for 6 weeks. We work with you every step of the way. Here’s how:

  • A report card you can access at any time that shows what we worked on each day with your pup
  • One on one lessons on Friday afternoon and Monday morning to review what your pup has learned, and how you can apply it at home.
  • Opportunities to take your dog home on the weekends so that you can work on what they’ve learned.

Learn more about our two, four, and six-week programs below.

Associates Of Focus


If you have a new puppy, and you want to give them the best foundation possible, this program is for you! Recommended for dogs 4 months and under, this two-week course will teach your new family member basic manners, and will turn you into the best dog parents in town!

They’ll learn commands such as “watch me,” sit, down, and come when called. This sets a foundation of focus on you, and is the start of a healthy dog-human relationship. They will also learn how to recognize their own name, basic manners, and will be introduced to heeling with a lure. We’ll crate train them, teach them proper play manners, and how to take food nicely from your hand.

Bachelors Of Partnership


If Fido is pulling on the leash, and you’d like to make walks more pleasant again, our Bachelor’s program just the ticket. This program is also a great fit if you just got a new rescue dog, or if you’d like to take a more hands-off approach to dog training. 

In this four-week program, we’ll set your dog up for success when out in public, and give you the tools to help your dog be a star in the house, and out in public. Your pooch will learn hand signals for come, heel, sit, stay, and down, and an auto sit while heeling. They will also learn manners such as out, leave it, and how to politely greet people. 

Masters Of Commitment


If you’re dealing with dog aggression or separation anxiety, or if you’d like to polish your pup’s off-leash commands, we recommend the Master’s Of Commitment. We’ll make sure that your pup is transformed into a stellar member of society, and give you the skills to build the strongest relationship paws-ible with your pooch! 

This six-week program is reserved for more advanced behaviors, including sit, down, place, come, and heel off-leash. We also strongly recommend this program for dogs with behavioral issues such as separation anxiety or dog aggression. 

What age can my dog start boarding school?

They can start as early as 12 weeks as long as they are up to date with vaccines. Required vaccinations include rabies, distemper, hepatitis, leptospirosis, parainfluenza, and parvovirus Proof of vaccinations are required.

What is a typical day like for my dog during boarding school?

All the dogs go out for morning potty breaks, then it’s time for breakfast before another morning potty break. After that the dogs start the training day, which includes 4-6 training sessions, a training walk, a group play session (if your dog is social), and a public outing before dinner is served in the evening, and final bathroom breaks. If your pup doesn’t play well with other dogs, we’ll play with them one-on-one.

If they do a boarding school, won't they just listen to the trainers and not me?

This is a common pitfall with most other board and train services, but with our program and philosophy we have you as involved as possible to prevent such issues. We do take-home lessons every Friday afternoon where we review the lessons they’ve learned, and give you homework to practice over the weekend. On Monday, we review the weekly lesson plan with you before you hand the leash over to us.

I just need my dog to be socialized, I don't really need all this obedience right?

While we appreciate your concern for socialization, socialization comes in many forms. That said, we strive to be more than just a dog on dog free for all. We ask the dog to be well mannered around other dogs in a cool, calm, positive way, which will be achieved through focus-based training.

How long is the boarding school program?

We have several different packages depending on your dog’s age and needs. Our Associate’s Of Focus is two weeks long, Bachelor’s Of Partnership is four weeks, and Master’s of Committment is six weeks..

What do I need to bring during my dog’s stay?

Bring enough food for the entirety of their stay (2, 4, or 6 weeks), a 6-foot leash, a no slip collar, and anything else you might feel will make them comfortable during their time with us.

Meet Sarge! This happy boy came to Dogology at 4 months old because he wasn’t listening to anyone in the family. He was pulling on the leash, jumping on people, and generally wreaking havoc.

By the end of his boarding school program, he was walking nicely on a loose leash, sitting politely for greetings, and listening to commands from anyone in the family – even the kids!

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