Bachelors Of Partnership

A four-week board and train program designed to teach on-leash manners and focus.

Learn how we can help you and your dog

Our Four Week Program

Are kids and work taking up most of your time? Is your dog forgetting their manners? Maybe they’re pulling on the leash during walks, not focusing on you, or barking when they’re not supposed to. 

Our Bachelors of Partnership program not only teaches your dog manners, but also teaches the whole family how to establish a relationship with the pup, and to get the same results we do as trainers.  

During this four-week program, we’ll start by getting your pooch to focus on you. We’ll also teach them sit, down, place, and loose-leash walking. All of these skills give them structure, and provide you with the tools to help them become a well-mannered member of society.

We’ll then move to teaching them how to politely greet people, dropping a toy so you can throw it, and responding to hand signals for all commands.

Lessons Your Dog Will Learn


Hand Signals

During the first week, we will reinforce the watch me command, and will introduce hand signals for come, heel, sit, and down.  This will improve your dog’s focus on you, and will allow you to give them commands in noisy environments. This will also improve your relationship, as they will need to watch you for cues. 


Stay & Place

In the second week, we’ll work on “stay” and “place.” Stay ensures that your dog does not move, and allows you to keep them from bolting out the door, or keeps them out of the kitchen. The place command is used to help the dogs relax and calm down, giving them somewhere to go and the knowledge that you can handle the situation.


Loose Leash Walking & Auto Sit

In week three, we’ll work on loose leash walking on a flat collar, and the auto sit. This builds on the basic heel foundation, and helps your pup to understand that he can’t pull you down the road and go wherever he wants to! The auto sit means that when you stop, the dog will also stop, and will sit by your side.


Intro To Distractions

In the final week, we’ll begin proofing all of these behaviors (watch me, sit, down, come, stay, loose leash walking, auto sit) in distracting environments. This means that your dog will perform these behaviors in all environments – not just the sterile setting of a dog training class, or in your house. 

Meet Oreo

When Oreo first came to us, she was terrified of anything outside of her house. She’d shut down and urinate submissively, which meant that her owner didn’t want to take her out. This led to a self-perpetuating cycle; we taught Oreo (and her owner) that things didn’t have to be this way! 

We taught Oreo how to be more confident, and gave her mom the tools to show Oreo that “hey, we’re a team, and we got this together.” By the end of the program, Oreo was happily working for food, performing drop-leash obedience, engaging with the trainers, and had transformed into an eager, willing participant! 


Dogology Universities’ Formula For Success

We work with you and your dog to create structure, and to teach your pooch commands such as:

  • Sit
  • Down
  • Come / recall
  • Stay 
  • Place
  • Loose leash walking next to your side
  • Automatically sitting when you stop

We’ll teach all of these commands on-leash, and will move to drop-leash obedience in the last week of the program. 


In order to ensure that you get the most out of this program, we’d like to clarify a couple of things. 

This program is for those who are willing to continue to implement the foundation & structure that we lay, and to continue the dog’s training. In this program, we create structure for the pup, and set boundaries. As a result, they come out of the program looking like they are “fixed.” However, we’ve often seen dogs revert to their old behaviors when turned back over to their owners. This is because they are not given the same structure that we put in place when they entered our program.

Owners who are willing to implement the new structure (crating, leashing, etc), and to MAINTAIN this training are more likely to see results. Dogs watch our every move, and are nothing short of opportunistic. If they do not have structure, they WILL find and exploit loopholes to self-satisfy with various undesirable behaviors, such as pacing, barking, counter surfing, jumping, etc.

That said, this program is NOT for those who want a “push-button” pup, and who would prefer to not put in any extra work once their dog goes through the program. Dogs are beings with their own agendas and drives, and need structure to thrive. If they go back to their old environment where they can do whatever they want, they will revert back to the undesirable behaviors that caused you to reach out to a trainer in the first place.

Help Your Dog Improve!

In addition to desensitization and proper leash manners, our four week program helps dogs with the following issues:

  • Greeting people politely
  • Barking
  • Out
  • Leave It 
  • Sitting at thresholds
  • Mild environmental anxiety

As part of the program, we’ll proof your dog’s obedience for all environments, taking them out on field trips to downtown Canton, MI when they’re ready. We’ll also teach them hand signals for all commands, as this can be useful in certain contexts.