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Dogology University - Focus-Based Dog Training In Michigan

Bachelors Of Partnership

Our Four Week Board & Train Program

Our Bachelors of Partnership program not only teaches your dog manners, but also teaches the whole family how to establish a relationship with the pup, and to get the same results we do as trainers.

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Lessons Your Dog Will Learn

Hand Signals

During the first week, we will reinforce the "watch me" command, and will introduce hand signals for "come", "heel", "sit", and "down".

Loose Leash Walking & Automatically Sit

In week three, we’ll work on loose leash walking on a flat collar, and to automatically sit.

Stay & Place

In the second week, we’ll work on “stay” and “place.”

Intro To Distractions

In the final week, we’ll begin proofing all of these behaviors ("watch me", "sit", "down", "come", "stay", loose leash walking, auto sit) in distracting environments.

Dogology University's Formula For Success

We work with you and your dog to create structure, and to teach your pooch commands such as:

We’ll teach all of these commands on-leash, and will move to drop-leash obedience in the last week of the program. 

Meet Oreo

When Oreo first came to us, she was terrified of anything outside of her house. She’d shut down and urinate submissively, which meant that her owner didn’t want to take her out. 

We taught Oreo how to be more confident, and gave her mom the tools to show Oreo that “hey, we’re a team, and we got this together.” By the end of the program, Oreo was happily working for food, performing drop-leash obedience, engaging with the trainers, and had transformed into an eager, willing participant!

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