Training Canine Separation Anxiety

Over my 10 years of dog training experience, I’ve helped a number of dogs overcome their separation anxiety. This is a complex process that takes a long time, and requires the help of a trained professional. At a high level, you need to find your dog’s threshold, desensitize them, and counter-condition their response to your departure. If […]

Canine Separation Anxiety

Has your dog ever chewed up the furniture, or soiled in the house when you leave them alone? This could be due to boredom, or it could be due to separation anxiety. Canine separation anxiety is triggered when dogs become upset due to the fact that they are separated from the people they’re attached to. […]

Prevent Dog Boredom When They’re Home Alone

As we prepare to go back to work, our dogs will have to get used to a “new normal” of being home alone all day. Most dogs will be ok with this, and will take the opportunity to catch a well-deserved nap. In fact, dogs can sleep up to 20 hours per day. For the […]

How To Calm A Fearful Dog

Every day, dogs encounter obstacles in their world that cause them anxiety. These can include loud noises such as thunder, other people, other dogs, smooth floors, storm grates, car rides, etc. Our tips will help calm a fearful dog.  A fearful dog can be a challenge to handle, as it is difficult to take them […]

How To Teach Your Dog Not To Jump On People

Jumping up is one of the few unwanted behaviors that we reward, especially when dogs are young. This behavior begins in puppyhood, and is a dog’s way of saying hello when they see their owner, or someone they like. Naturally, when a puppy does this, the next step would be to pet them and play […]

Structure & Consistency: The Keys To Maintaining A Well Behaved Dog

Welcoming a rescue dog or new puppy into your home can be quite exciting! You can’t help but think about all of the delightful moments that you will share with your new canine partner, where you’ll go, and how to begin training. Well, I have news for you: The moment you brought your dog home, […]