Thank You!

We look forward to meeting you and your pup!

What To Expect

We’ll work with you to determine the best way to achieve your dog training goals, whether through group class or one-on-one lessons. You’ll also get to see our home-based training environment, and get a sense of who we are and how we work. We’ll show you where your pup will be staying, and what their routine will be like.

Who We Are

While working with a local dog training company, Matt Lamarand found that the dogs he worked with were obedient to the collars and treats, not the owners. As a result, he started Dogology University in 2008 to help people raise their perfect canine partners, and move away from reliance on collars and treats as training tools.

Along the way, Matt conducted hundreds of hours of research, and worked with numerous trainers (including Randy Hare) to formulate his focus-based dog training curriculum. Dogology University provides world-class dog training programs for owners in Michigan and the surrounding areas.

Happy Client Stories

Dogology has been amazing! This is the first time I have put a puppy in boarding school and Dogology has gone beyond my expectations. They have been extremely hands on with my pup but also providing feedback for myself as the handler. This has been a great experience from day one. Just in one week, my puppies behaviors have changed and much more disciplined. I can’t wait until the 4 week course is over because we have a different puppy when started. Great Job Dogology and look forward to the group classes in the future!

The Kapowskis

We are so happy that we found this crew! They worked with our skittish (stubborn) street dog and helped him to become a calm and balanced boy. He is truly a happier pooch, and is a goofy love nugget that we are grateful to have in our lives. Thank you for your hard work!

Christine Vaughan

I can’t even express how impressed we are with Dogology!! They took our two monster pups, one being deaf, and turned them into the family dogs we hoped to have. Our pups were just so happy, excited and out of control. They knew simple commands but we needed more and Dogology went above and beyond for them. Even now, well after their training, I can call for questions or helpful tips. I highly recommend Dogology whether you have a brand new pup or an old dog who wants to learn new tricks, trust me… they can! We felt like we would get no where with our deaf boy and we’d just have to “deal” with him but Dogology gave us the sweetest little rascal who actually responds and listens to us!! I’m beyond thankful for Dogology and all they’ve done for our family!!

Sarah Lemieux