Puppy Class

Get your puppy started off on the right paw and socialize them in a group class setting!

Learn how we can help you and your dog

Our Puppy Classes

Our puppy classes are designed for new dog owners who are looking to socialize their new family member, and create a great foundation for lasting habits!

Please note that these classes are for dogs aged 8 weeks to 6 months.

Our Formula

In our puppy class, you’ll learn about our focus-based training philosophy, which is based on your new puppy focusing on you in all situations. When your puppy is focused on you, that means they are engaged with you, and looking to you for leadership. 

We’ll start by teaching you and your dog the “watch me” command, then progress to sit, down, and come when called – all with a lure. We’ll also test their reaction to various distractions. We meet at Pet Supplies Plus in Canton Township, Michigan, which provides ample opportunities to introduce your pup to distractions.

Each week, we’ll give you homework to work on with your dog. 

We’ll also provide discounts on the equipment you need to work your dog, including a treat pouch, treats, and collar.

 Our puppy classes are limited to five dogs at a time, which means that you’ll get a lot of one-on-one time with our trainers. These classes are a great opportunity to socialize your dog and get them used to the presence of other pups. Your dog will learn self-control and calmness, which means that you will be able to take them anywhere, without worrying about how they’ll behave. 


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Get Your Pup Engaging With You

In our class, your puppy will learn the following behaviors:

 – Name recognition

 – Watch me

 – Sit

 – Down 

– Come when called 

– Walking by other people 

– Stay on leash with another person




Get Your Puppy Used To People

In our group class, we’ll work with you to address the following behaviors:

– Allowing other people to pet them

– Letting people handle their ears and feet

– Proper behavior toward humans

– Proper behavior toward other dogs

– Tolerating a collar or harness

– Tolerating restraint

– Allowing the owner to take a treat or toy

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