Masters’ Degree


If you’re dealing with any sort of aggression issues or separation anxiety, we recommend our six-week Master’s Of Commitment program. This program is also ideal for anyone looking for a reliable off-leash partner.

We start with  skills learned in the Associate’s of Focus and Bachelor’s of Partnership programs, including watch me, heel, auto-sit, down, come, etc. Once these behaviors are solidified, we’ll move off-leash. For dogs with separation anxiety or aggression issues, we’ll first work to find their threshold (ie at which level they engage in the behavior),  then desensitize them and show them that you’re in control, and you’ve got this.


Our six week program is highly comprehensive, and includes all of the items covered in the Associate’s of Focus and Bachelor’s of Partnership programs.

When specifically addressing behavioral issues such as separation anxiety and dog aggression / dog reactivity, we first work to find the dog’s threshold – that is, at what point do they become anxious or reactive? Once we’ve determined that, we’ll work with you and your pup to redirect their energies, and lower the threshold by associating good things (such as food) with either the presence of other dogs, or your absence.

As with all of our board and train programs, we review your pup’s progress with you every Friday, send them home for the weekend, and go over the game plan for the upcoming week when you drop them off on Monday.


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