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Matthew Lamarand is a United States Military veteran K9 handler who disagrees with methodologies that rely heavily on equipment, which he thinks is ineffective and inhumane.

While working with a local dog training company, he noticed the dogs were obedient to the collars and treats, and not the owners. He started out to find a better way, by researching and studying hundreds of different theories.

From these efforts, he was able to create his revolutionary training method that eliminates over-reliance on equipment and treats. His method has helped thousands of dog owners around the world through his best-selling book, online courses, and seminars.

In 2008, he started Dogology University to provide world-class dog training programs for owners in Michigan and the surrounding areas.

After realizing that 96% of surrendered dogs never went through manners or obedience training, he dedicated himself to train them for service dog work, and rehome them for children dealing with diabetes or behavior disorders, and veterans battling symptoms of PTSD.

Matthew Lamarand is available for speaking events, local media interviews, guest articles, and podcast interviews.

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