Master’s Of Committment

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Our Six-Week Program

Our Master’s Of Commitment is a six-week board and train program that builds on the skills learned in the Associate’s of Focus and Bachelor’s of Partnership curricula. This six-week board & train program is an all-around package for dogs who need specific behavior re-training, working dogs, and owners who are looking to help their canine partner become an exceptional example of their breed.


The Three Legs Of Committment

Some trainers will use pressure and punishment to make the dog obey. Our formula is different.

In order to make your dog a good partner, it takes something greater. We have a formula to help with that, based on a three-step solution. The first step is Rapport Building and Trust, which means that training is integrated into fun, 10-15 minute sessions. These short sessions allow the dog to reach their full potential, and to learn in a fun manner.

The second step is Credibility, which not only helps the dog trust you, but helps you trust your dog as well. Trust is a two-way street, and is highly important when training your dog.

The final step is Respect and Proof For Perfection. This ensures that no matter the situation, the dog will look to you as the leader, and will transform them into the ideal canine partner. This partner will understand your commands, and will be calm and well-behaved, regardless of the time, place, or surroundings.

The Off-Leash Dream

Greater Focus

If your dog won’t listen to you, it could be because he can’t focus on you, and is always getting distracted by the environment. After he’s completed our program, your dog will be able to listen and follow your commands, even in the busiest place with a lot of distractions. With a greater focus, you can also walk with your dog off leash worry-free. 

Better Self Control

During the program, we’ll train your high-energy dog to be calmer and less aggressive. You can let them play with children or with other dogs,  without worrying if your dog is under control. If you see the dog amping up, you can tell them to calm down, and they will listen. Better self-control will make your high-energy dog become an exceptional canine citizen, easing your stress.

Off-Leash Reliability

There’s nothing quite like off-leash freedom for a dog. Able to move however they want, and investigate what they want without being constrained by collars or leashes. Throughout our program, we’ll work to improve your dog’s off-leash manners, giving them more freedom to explore the world. 

In order to ensure that you get the most out of this program, we’d like to clarify a couple of things. 

This program is for those who are willing to continue to implement the foundation & structure that we lay, and to continue the dog’s training. In this program, we create structure for the pup, and set boundaries. As a result, they come out of the program looking like they are “fixed.” However, we’ve often seen dogs revert to their old behaviors when turned back over to their owners. This is because they are not given the same structure that we put in place when they entered our program.

 Owners who are willing to implement the new structure (crating, leashing, etc), and to MAINTAIN this training are more likely to see results. Dogs watch our every move, and are nothing short of opportunistic. If they do not have structure, they WILL find and exploit loopholes to self-satisfy with various undesirable behaviors, such as pacing, barking, counter surfing, jumping, etc.

That said, this program is NOT for those who want a “push-button” pup, and do not want to put in any extra work once their dog goes through the program. Dogs are beings with their own agendas and drives, and need structure to thrive. If they go back to their old environment where they can do whatever they want, they will revert back to the undesirable behaviors that caused you to reach out to a trainer in the first place.

Improve Your Dog’s Manners

Our six week program is highly comprehensive, and includes all of the items covered in the Associate’s of Focus and Bachelor’s of Partnership programs. This program helps dogs with the following concerns:

– Dog reactivity

– Accepting handling from strangers

– Separation anxiety

– Walking through crowds of people and dogs

– Other behavioral issues

This program also includes lifetime access to our group classes for behavioral tune-ups whenever necessary.

Lessons Your Dog Will Learn


Stimulus Desensitization

In the first week with us, we will help your dog become more comfortable with unusual stimuli, and being handled by unfamiliar people. This will help when you take them to the vet’s, the groomer’s, or out in public. 


Basic Commands

In the second week, we’ll introduce and/or reinforce basic commands to your pup. These include sit, down, and come with a lure. This establishes a clear rapport between us and the dog, and allows the dog to understand that we’re confident and in control. 


Hand Signals

In week three, we’ll introduce hand signals for come, heel, sit, and down. This improves their focus on us, and will further drive home that we’re in command of the situation.


Stay & Place

In the fourth week, we’ll work with the dog on “stay” and “place.” Stay is used to keep the dog from moving until released, while place is used to calm anxious dogs. When a dog is on a place command, they understand that we as the owners are in control of the situation.


Heeling On a Flat Collar & Auto Sit

In week five, we’ll build on the heel foundation, and will work with the dog to get them heeling on a flat collar.  We will also train the auto sit, which means that the dog will sit whenever you stop moving on walks.


Off Leash Commands

In the final week, we’ll teach off-leash commands, including sit, down, place, come, and heel. This will give your dog an incredible amount of freedom, and will take your relationship to the next level. 


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