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Dogology University - Focus-Based Dog Training In Michigan

Masters Of Commitment

Our Six Week Board & Train Program

We start with skills learned in the Associates of Focus and Bachelors of Partnership programs. Once these behaviors are solidified, we’ll move off-leash. For dogs with separation anxiety, we’ll first work to find their threshold (ie at which level they engage in the behavior), then desensitize them and show them that you’re in control.

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Lessons Your Dog Will Learn

Stimulus Desensitization

In the first week with us, we will help your dog become more comfortable with unusual stimuli, and being handled by unfamiliar people.

Stay & Place

In the fourth week, we’ll work with the dog on "stay" and "place".

Basic Commands

In the second week, we’ll introduce and/or reinforce basic commands to your pup. These include "sit", "down", and "come" with a lure.

Heeling On a Flat Collar & Auto Sit

In week five, we’ll build on the heel foundation, and will work with the dog to get them heeling on a flat collar.

Hand Signals

In week three, we’ll introduce hand signals for "come", "heel", "sit", and "down".

Off-Leash Commands

In the final week, we’ll teach off-leash commands, including "sit", "down", "place", "come", and "heel".

Meet DaVinci

When DaVinci first came to us, he was extremely dog aggressive. In fact, he attacked a dog statue at the vet’s office! During his evaluation, Matt had him at one end of a football field, with another dog at the other end of the field, 300 yards away! Despite his small stature, DaVinci was letting the other dog know in no uncertain terms what he thought about them!

By the end of his 6-week stay with us, DaVinci was participating in our group class with zero issues, and even passed his Canine Good Citizen test! Part of the test is greeting another dog; his response was to look away. In canine parlance, looking away and avoiding eye contact is a signal that says “I’m not a threat.”

DaVinci’s owners put a lot of work in, and it shows! Great job! 

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