Group Classes

Our Group Classes

Our group classes are designed for dog owners who are looking to build a partnership with their dog, without relying on tools, treats, or tricks!

Please note that these classes are for dogs 6 months and up, and are not intended to fix or address fear, aggression, or reactivity cases. If you have an aggressive dog that you would like help with, please contact us to schedule an evaluation.

Our Formula

In our group class, you’ll learn about our focus-based training philosophy, which is based on your dog focusing on you in all situations. When a dog is focused on you, that means they are engaged with you, and looking to you for leadership.

We’ll start by teaching you and your dog the “watch me” command, then progress to “sit”, “down”, come when called, “heel”, “stay”, and “place”. Our campuses provide ample opportunities to introduce your pup to distractions.

Each week, we’ll give you homework to work on with your dog. 

Our small group classes are limited to six dogs at a time. You’ll get a lot of one-on-one time with our trainers. These classes are a great opportunity to socialize your dog and get them used to the presence of other pups. Your dog will learn self-control and calmness, which means that you will be able to take them anywhere, without worrying about how they’ll behave.

Get Your Dog Engaging With You

In our group class, your dog will learn the following behaviors:

This depends on your dog and time commitment. If you have a dog with behavior issues such as dog aggression or separation anxiety, one of our boarding school options may be a better fit.

You would need to bring enough treats to last about an hour, a six-foot leash, martingale collar (i.e. a no-slip collar), a treat pouch, and (of course) your dog. You’ll also need proof of up-to-date vaccination records including Bordatella and a negative fecal that has been completed in the last 6 months.

The classes meet once a week for about an hour for 8 weeks.

Since this is an American Kennel Club sanctioned class, and we take an AKC test on the 8th week, you are required to come to at least 6 out of the 8 week lessons.

If you cannot make it to class then please notify your Professor. Unfortunately, we are not able to offer make up lessons, as classes are in high demand. However, we can send a video copy of that night’s lesson, and answer any questions you might have the following week.

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