Five Minute Everyday Engagement Activities For You & Your Dog

Get Your Dog To Listen To You

Improve Your Relationship At The Same Time

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Activities Include

Quiet On Command

The Sillies


Doggy Relay

Red Light Green Light

Simon Says

Training Your Dog Shouldn’t Feel Like Combat!

“Matt’s a real one when it come to training. Our good boy needs to go back sooner than later!”

Tad Bagley

Matt Lamarand

Focus Based Dog Trainer

Founder Matthew Lamarand is a former United States Air Force Explosive Detection Dog Handler Veteran and Secret Service K9 Handler for president Obama. While working with a local dog training company, he found that the dogs he worked with were obedient to the collars and treats, not the owners. As a result, he started Dogology University to help people raise their perfect canine partners, and move away from reliance on collars and treats as training tools. 


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