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10 Quick Tips To Owning A Well Mannered Dog

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Jason Ley

Owner – Sarge

“They are amazing people who know how to effectively train your dog to be a better part of the family. They also do a fantastic job at training the family how to control their dog and make the home environment more pleasant.”

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This is an overlooked trick to stop pulling and enjoy walking with your dog.

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The number one reason why your dog is reacting and lunging at other dogs.

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The one thing to reclaim your yard and avoid the moon craters caused by digging.

Hello, We Are Dogology University

We are Matthew and Ashaleena Lamarand, and we’ve spent the past 10 years learning everything there is to know about dog training.

The methods outlined in “Training Doggy Manners: For A More Peaceful Home” have been responsible for countless behavioral turnarounds and transformations with other dog owners just like you!

Without it, you’ll waste your time with countless hours on generic training methods, guessing how to get an obedient well mannered dog, then wondering where it all went wrong.

With it, you’ll eliminate all the guesswork and will never again waste time or money in your pursuit towards the ideal canine companion for you and your family. Use and enjoy!

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