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Create your ideal canine partner with Dogology University

The board-and-train model is broken.

Dogology University was founded because we saw how uninvolved dog parents were in their dogs’ training, and we wanted to change that. Dogs can be trained to do anything, but that training is wasted if the dog will only listen to the trainer (and not their owner).

Dogology University is different.

Our unique program format allows you to fully integrate the lessons that your dog learns with our trainers, and gives you the satisfaction of turning your dog into a well-mannered member of society.

10+ Years Of Dog Training Experience

Founder and CEO Matt Lamarand has trained dogs in the Air Force and Secret Service, and even served on President Barack Obama’s security detail. Now, he is bringing his experience to pet dogs in the Canton and West Bloomfield area. 

Founded in 2018, Dogology University brought a new way of dog training to Canton — one that focuses on the relationship between the dog and their owner. Since our founding, we’ve helped thousands of metro Detroit families improve their relationship with their dogs.

Located conveniently at the intersection of Ford Rd and Sheldon, our state-of-the-art facilities include 24/7 video monitoring, a 5,000 square foot 100% climate controlled environment, and professionally trained staff to ensure your dog’s safety and comfort. 

We’d love to help you and your furry friend — click below to schedule a call to discover how! 

Why Dogology University is the key to a well-trained dog

Many dog owners don’t consider training their dogs until it’s too late. A lack of proper socialization and training can cause a number of negative behaviors in your pooch that are difficult, if not impossible, to control later. That’s why it is best to start training as early as possible. At Dogology University, we offer a combination of dog training services that are designed to save you time while getting the best results.

What you get from us


You’ll receive weekly notes and videos, allowing you to stay connected and informed about your dog’s progress throughout their training journey. Witness the positive changes firsthand and be actively involved in your dog’s development.

We also allow you to to take your dog home on the weekends, further strengthening the bond and facilitating the transfer of learned behaviors into your everyday life. With this level of transparency, you can have confidence in the training process and feel empowered as an active participant in your dog’s growth and success.

Personalized Support

Training is an ongoing process, and sometimes new challenges emerge, or you may require additional guidance.  With our personalized support, you can have peace of mind knowing that we’re here to help you navigate any issues and provide continued solutions to ensure long-term success for you and your dog.

Ongoing Assistance

Attend free sessions designed to help reinforce the new behaviors your dog has learned and address any issues that may arise along the way.

These classes provide ongoing support and guidance, ensuring that the training continues to be effective even after your initial program ends.

By attending these classes, you can fine-tune your dog’s skills, receive expert advice, and connect with a community of fellow dog owners who are on a similar journey. Our commitment to your dog’s long-term success extends beyond the initial training period, and our weekly alumni classes are a valuable resource to help you and your dog maintain and build upon the progress achieved.

Let's get you and your dog on the path to success.

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  • Upgrade your dog’s behavior with personalized guidance and become the partner they need you to be.
  • Make a big difference in communication and consistency with your dog’s expectations in just three steps.
  • Revamp your dog’s manners and behaviors at home with fast action steps.
  • Get started on your dog’s transformation without stress or headaches with a clear roadmap.

What you'll get from our programs


You'll get ongoing guidance in our private Facebook group once you graduate from the program. #DUAlumni are in there every day cheering each other on!

Peace of mind

Our campus is safe, secure, and monitored, and our staff is highly trained to work with dogs of all types, shapes, and sizes.


Your dog will learn to be a good member of society, taught by our professional, reliable staff.


Your dog will learn new behaviors, and you'll learn how to handle any situations that you and your dog encounter.

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As a #DUAlumni, you’ll join a community of dedicated, committed, and resourceful dog owners who take pride in their relationship with their dog, and truly want to give their dogs the best life possible. Get started today!