Associates Of Focus

Two weeks of focus-based puppy training to lay a solid foundation for your new addition!

Get Your Puppy Started Off On The Right Paw!

Our Two Week Board & Train Program

Our Associates of Focus is a two-week board and train program that sets your new puppy up for success! While your pup is staying with us, we’ll give them a foundation that will ensure that they focus on you first, regardless of anything else going on. This translates into a happier dog (and happier pet parents) throughout the rest of the dog’s life!

Every Friday, we’ll review what your pup has learned that week, and will send them home with you for the weekend. On Monday, we’ll go over training objectives for the upcoming week. At the end of the training period, both you and your puppy will have solid skills in place that will allow you to take on almost anything!

Please note that this program is limited to dogs sixteen weeks and under. If you have an older dog that you’d like to enroll in our program, please check out our Bachelors and Masters dog training programs.


Lessons Your Puppy Will Learn


Focus & Desensitization

In their first week with us, we’ll help your puppy become more comfortable with unusual stimuli, and being handled by unfamiliar people. We do this by teaching them to focus on you first, instead of other dogs, people, animals, leaves, etc. This will help when you take them to the vet’s, the groomer’s, or out in public. 


Basic Commands

In the second week, we’ll introduce basic commands to your pup, including sit, down, and come with a lure. We’ll teach them basic leash manners, and will show them the proper heel position next to your side. This allows them to keep pace with you, walking and stopping when you do.

Meet Nova

When this pretty girl first came to us, she was herding her owner, jumping on him, scratching, and nipping at his pants to get him to go where she wanted him to. In fact, she bit Ash on the hand the first day she was here! To say that she was a firecracker was an understatement! She was also starting to become dog reactive due to the fact that she was overstimulated, and didn’t have an outlet for all of her puppy energy. She knew 
“sit” and “down,” but would bounce right out of the position.

Within her first two weeks here, she was crate trained, beginning to focus on us, and was starting to hold “sit” and “down” for longer and longer durations. Nova is now more well-adjusted, and her owner has all of the tools he needs to help her succeed in life.

We’ll Set You And Your Puppy Up For Success

In two weeks, we’ll teach your puppy how to:

  • Focus on you
  • Sit
  • Down 
  • Come when called
  • Walk nicely 

All on leash! Focus is the foundation of our training, and will ensure that your pup checks in with you, regardless of the situation.

Improve Your Puppy’s Manners

In addition to obedience training, we’ll also teach your pup basic manners such as: 

  • Stop biting & nipping
  • Potty training
  • Settle in a crate
  • Play properly with other dogs
  • Take food nicely from you

We do this by marking and rewarding the desired behaviors, and redirecting your pup onto things that are okay to chew on.