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Our Two-Week Program

Our Associate’s of Focus is a two-week board and train program that helps your dog tune into you more, and improves their listening skills. During their stay with us, your dog will be exposed to various stimuli that may elicit a response. The objective here is to desensitize the dog, and to help them learn that focusing on you is the proper response to the stimuli.

Our Formula

At Dogology University, we don’t just make your dog obedient. Instead, we turn them into a willing canine partner, ready to engage with you. To do this, we start with Rapport Building exercises, which involve activity-based training in short, 10-15 minute sessions. Why rapport building? Because this style of learning helps your dog reach their fullest potential. Similar to humans, dogs learn better and retain more information when they’re having fun (as opposed to when they’re stressed.)

Once we’ve built rapport, we develop trust through clear communication, ensuring that the dog understands our requests – without using any tools or treats.

The final step is proofing for perfection, which will transform your dog into the ideal canine partner, who understands your command, behaves, and is calm, regardless of the time, place, or setting.


Get Your Dog Engaging With You

In just two weeks, your dog will learn the following behaviors:

– Name recognition

– Watch me

– Sit

– Down

– Come when called

– Beginning leash manners 

Improve Your Dog’s Manners

In our two-week program, we can address the following behavioral issues:

– Nipping

– Housebreaking

– Crate training

– Proper play

– Taking food nicely

– Walking nicely on leash

Lessons Your Dog Will Learn


Focus & Desensitization

In the first week with us, we will help your dog become more comfortable with unusual stimuli, and being handled by unfamiliar people. This will help when you take them to the vet’s, the groomer’s, or out in public.


Basic Commands

In the second week, we’ll introduce basic commands to your pup. These include sit, down, and come with a lure. We’ll teach them basic leash manners, and will show them the proper heel position next to your side. This allows them to keep pace with you, walking and stopping when you do.


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