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Focus-based dog training located in Canton, Michigan. Because training your dog shouldn’t feel like combat!

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About Dogology’s Founder

Founder Matthew Lamarand is a former United States Air Force Explosive Detection Dog Handler Veteran and Secret Service K9 Handler for president Obama. While working with a local dog training company, he found that the dogs he worked with were obedient to the collars and treats, not the owners. As a result, he started Dogology University to help people raise their perfect canine partners, and move away from reliance on collars and treats as training tools. 

Along the way, Matthew conducted hundreds of hours of research, and worked with numerous trainers (including Randy Hare) to formulate his focus-based dog training curriculum. In 2008, he started Dogology University to provide world-class dog training programs for owners in Michigan and the surrounding areas.

Matthew has completed several projects, including writing two books that have helped thousands of owners train their dogs. 

After realizing 96% of surrendered dogs never went through obedience training, he has dedicated himself to train them for service dog work, and rehome them for children dealing with diabetes or behavior disorders, and veterans battling symptoms of PTSD.